Real Estate Restructuring

CAR is your full-service provider

Centurion Advisors Restructuring (CAR) is your partner for the restructuring and optimization of larger rental portfolios. CAR offers customized solutions that regularly represent one of the most important cornerstones in the turnaround management of organisations.

The benefits of using experts

Experience shows that the restructuring of portfolios is significantly more successful if a third-party organisation is employed, as the client organization often lacks the required knowledge, resources and executional power to conduct a full-scale restructuring. CAR as an external provider with a highly specialized and trained team allows for a sensitive, but outcome-oriented optimization. Our fundamental knowledge of the European Real Estate market and a wide network enables us to analyse, prepare and execute the full-scale optimization of also very large rental portfolios.

Identifying and unleashing potential

The growth of a retail chain in a highly competitive market environment leads to the formation of certain established links that often become stagnant over time. CAR recognises this problem and offers the potential to optimise without damaging our clients reputation.

The landlord – our partner

Our clients entrust us with a task that we can only solve with due recognition and inclusion of our negotiating partner – the landlord. CAR seeks to carry out negotiation on an equal level and for the benefit of all parties. We are offering landlords custom-made solutions, recognizing the different needs of all parties.

An intermediary between many worlds

We see ourselves as brokers and mediators acting on behalf of our clients, and in pursuit of the satisfaction and benefit of all parties. Our work generally offers a way out of a problem for all involved, focussing on a solution that is to the benefit of all involved parties.

Building trust, devising solutions

The success of the CAR team is not only financial success of our customers, but also the trust we achieve with our landlord partners. Fairness and striving for the best solution for both sides are the operative aims. Trust in our solutions and our experienced negotiation specialists are an integral part of each successful mission that we carry out for our clients.

Working within defined timeframes

We provide a detailed project preparation with our clients before we execute within an agreed timeframe. During our activities we are constantly in contact with our customers and offer just-in-time reporting. The projects that we have finished till date have been highly successful – and not just because of long-term positive financial results. Landlords also recognise that appointing CAR leads to solutions that make sense and achieve positive outcomes for all involved parties.




Restructured properties

CENTURION has successfully restructured over 3.800 properties since 2014.



Successful mediations

CENTURION concluded over 350 legal disputes through successful mediation - a 98% success rate.

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CENTURION operates across all EU countries and also beyond on request.

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CENTURION offers Just-in-Time reporting - 7 days a week, 24 hours.