Real Estate Sale & Leaseback

Capital procurement and balance-sheet optimisation

We facilitate successful sale and leaseback transactions (S&L) for our clients over the last 10 years. S&L is a widely employed measure for SME owners to tap hidden capital or to react to special circumstances. Capital procurement, legacy planning, restructuring, and sale of the business are the most frequent drivers of such measures.

Building creative structures

Our experience puts us in our clients’ shoes and enables us to provide qualified recommendations to achieve the maximum scope of results for our customers. We work with highly qualified expert consultants covering all legal and tax affairs, both nationally and internationally.

Recognising the specific needs of our clients

During the setup and process of the S&L transaction, we keep close attention to the special organisational requirements of our client. With the support of a wide network we are able to provide specific solutions to specific requirements.

High fidelity rental contracts

The key to success is not just the agreed sale price. The lease contract that secures the property for our customers and determines the key agreements must adhere to the specific requirements of our clients. The end product will provide a win-win situation in terms of capital generation, usability and ROI. Negotiating the contract to match the goals of all involved parties is what we are best at.

Discretion is an asset

In some of our S&L transactions it was important that as few people as possible are involved in the process. By discreet placement of the respective asset in our network, we were able to meet this requirement and achieve “quiet” success.

Safe placement through realistic offers

Based on wide experience and industry knowledge we are able to say with some certainty what kind of transactions are possible, how high the risk of failure is and what timeframe will be required to achieve a certain outcome. That helps to guide the transaction right from the beginning.

  • SaL Tom Tailor

    Company Headquarter of the Tom Tailor Group

    CA conducted the successful Sale and Leaseback transaction of Tom Tailor Group’s German headquarter. The building complex consist of an office, a show-room and a logistic and operation area.

    Transaction Highlights
    • approximately 40 MEUR volume
    • ROE of approx. 7,5%
    • Tenant: Tom Tailor (10 years)

    Wölbern Invest: Germany fund invests in Tom Tailor headquarter. Consultation for the transaction was provided by Centurion Advisors.

    Thomas Daily, Property Investment News Germany

  • SaL Coffema

    Headquarter of the Coffema Group

    The mixed office and logistics property in Hamburg was successfully marketed in a Sale & Leaseback transaction by Centurion Advisors.

    Transaction Highlights
    • approximately 10 mn. EUR Volume
    • ROE of more than 7%
    • Tenant: Coffema Gruppe (12 years)
  • TA_Gewerbeh

    High-Yield Property in AAA Location

    The historic office building in a prime location in Hamburg was successfully sold in a Sale & Leaseback construction by Centurion Advisors

    Transaction Highlights
    • approximately 70 mn. EUR volume
    • ROE of 8%
    • Tenant: Deutsche Telekom

    The object is called “Vine-leaf Palace” by locals. […] purchaser is a larger German REIT.

    Die Welt